Interesting Quote from an old Show

I used to watch the show Forever Knight on late night CrimeTime. The DVDs have recently been released and I’m watching the 3rd season. In each episode, usually one of the main characters (vampires) remembers scenes from the past that relate to the current murder mystery. In episode 11, the character Lucius LaCroix (an atheist) has the following hilarious observation while incarcerated by the Inquisition:

This god and this devil are a mere human contrivance and convenience; they are the justification for slaughter without the tricky business of accountability.

What a great line.

And there is another exchange in the same show, where the two main characters (Nick and Lucius) are still locked up in the dungeon with another character, Sancho, who is next to be tortured. By this time in the show, its been established that Sancho’s only heresy is owning property that the Church desires.

Nick: Who do you pray for, friend? (directed at Sancho)
Sancho: My family. If I die, my wife and children must be cared for.
LaCroix: And who will do that? Your god as well? This same god that would allow your flesh to be incinerated?
Sancho: It is not for me to question.
LaCroix: Of course not, because once the question is asked, it must be answered.
Sancho: God is in all of us. Even you, though you serve the devil.
LaCroix: I serve no one!
Sancho: Then you are without purpose.
LaCroix: Perhaps, but at least I do not deceive myself.

The third and final year of the series has several episodes where the character, LaCroix, has some excellent scenes and lines.


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