Epic Fail for Expelled

It looks like Mark Mathis(ass. prod. of Expelled) has ripped of the Inner Life of the Cell video from Harvard and XVIVO. And according to information posted over in comments at ERV’s blog in this post and this post, it looks like the Discovery Institute and Rampant Films is knowingly removing evidence of copyright infringement. Is this a felony? I think it is. Harvard and XVIVO should sue the hell out of these thieving frauds. And according to the most recent post, Mike Edmondson may the the animator of the ripped off version in Expelled as well as the Dick to the Dawk to the PhD parody.

Mike Edmundson has denied that he worked on the cell animation in Expelled. He does not have any references to the film on his blog.

Update Again:
It looks like Yoko Ono will be suing over the use of the song Imagine by John Lennon in Expelled.


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