This Just In: No Sex In Heaven

Last Saturday I was heading home after a trip to the hardware store. A man was standing at a bus stop, holding a sign in both hands, a tool belt full of what looked like religious tracts, and surrounded by small signs in the landscaping.

Some examples:

Refuse the 72 virgins for there is no sex in heaven.
The end-times are near.
There are no gays in heaven.

I did not have much time to read the signs before the light changed. I had to make another trip into town so I brought a camera with me to get a picture but the man and his signs were gone. Well perhaps he will be back for our viewing pleasure.

There seems to be something particular about this street corner. About 10 years ago a loudmouthed obnoxious preacher known as “Brother Stephen” preached on the same street corner, yelling out at passers-by. He surrounded himself with a “posse”of young teen-age Hispanic boys.

I decided to look up “Brother Stephen” on Google to see what is has been up to. Apparently, he has been up to preying upon these young teenage boys. He is currently serving time for offering to blow a young man. Heh Heh Heh.


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