IDiots on Parade

Wow, I’m gone for a couple of days and miss all of the excitement. PZ Myers over at Pharyngula was thrown out of the Expelled movie. Hilariously, in their haste to remove PZ from the theater, they missed Richard Dawkins who was standing right next to him. Now the creobots are in serious damage control. There are a lot of links starting at Pharyngula and over at Richard Dawkins’s site. Greg Laden is collecting links for the story over here.

Unfortunately, Matt Nisbet has been drinking too heavily of his own koolaid. He seems to have forgotten that ruthless ridicule is the most effective way to vanquish hypocrites and pontificating fools. It was the way the Klan was removed from power in the 1930’s and I think that we should take every advantage we can with these people. They don’t play fair and expecting them too, won’t work.

It looks like Chris Mooney has also dranketh deeply of the Koolaid as well. And PZ’s reply of “Fuck you very much” to Matt Nisbet was right on the money.


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