Wisdom of the Crowds? WTF?

PZ Myers over at Pharyngula has written a couple of posts about the nutty online book supplier, Abunga. ABC News has now picked up the story. Abunga allows its registered users to suggest books to ban from their accounts. Thats fine with me, its their company, but you won’t see me order from such a weird bookseller. But what is even worse, books that are regularly banned by their users get banned for all users (if the management agrees) . And the right-wing management seems to agree with the right-wing customers.

The ABC News story is hilarious, especially the title “Cowabunga! Their burning books online.” ABC is comparing Abunga to the Nazis. Wow a Godwin in the title before you even read the story. Heh Heh Heh. My favorite line from the story is:

Some marketing experts have applauded Abunga’s strategy as ahead of the curve, saying it reflects the growing popularity of the “wisdom of the crowds”.

So I guess Abunga’s chairman, Lee Martin, has no problem when he asks his kids “Well, if everyone else wants to jump off the cliff, so I guess you want to as well?”; and his kids answer with “Yes.”

I’ve been increasingly hearing this sort of authoritarian idiocy from conservative Christians lately. What’s up with this? I saw a glimpse of this type of thinking in a bizarre business leadership class at work a few months ago. I detailed it here.


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