Jerk on the Radio

This past Friday I was treated to what was quite possibly the most offensive advertisement for an automobile dealership that I have ever heard. I live in a very small desert community in Southern California. The owner of the dealership usually has corny ads depicting his dealership as small and folksy with some sort of homespun advice in the ad. This time was totally different that any advertisement I have ever heard before.

I was picking up my son and his girlfriend from high school on Friday. While I was waiting for them the ad came on. I’m sure that I was dumbstruck while it was on. If I ever get a recording of the ad, I’ll certainly post it here.

To summarize the ad, the owner of the car dealership started ranting:

Folks, I’m not sure if you heard about them before, but there are people in this country who don’t believe in God. They want to remove God from the Pledge and from the money. Well since they are only about 14 percent of the people of this country, then I think that they should sit down and shut up. I’m sure that I’ve offended these 14 percent and I don’t care. Now folks, the rest of you who don’t belong to the 14 percent can come on down and get a good deal on a Ford.

Holy Shit! This was actually aired on the radio. What does the idiot think that he is doing? What was the point of pissing off potential customers? Does he think that customers who would approve of his ad would rush on down and get a car? I think all he has done is simply pissed off a group of potential customers, without adding any new ones. What an asshole. I certainly will never buy a car from him and would certainly not recommend him to anyone.

You know, I really don’t care about what his opinion of us godless folks is, but the most offensive part of the ad is the “shut up and sit down” part. I guess he doesn’t support first amendment rights for those who don’t agree with him. What a jerk. Wow, these Republican Christians are certainly getting defensive, even here in Southern California.

I’m not sure which radio station aired the ad. I usually listen to 106.3or 103.9 FM. I’ve listened some but have yet to hear the ad again. The dealership is Kieffe & Sons in Mojave, California.

Another Update:
Apparently the ad only played a couple of times during the one week that it aired. It has been replaced with another non-assholish ad. I’m guessing the radio received a number of calls about the ad and they pulled it. I only heard the ad once, but if it had continued to play, I would have either emailed them or called to say that I would never listen to their station again. What would they have done if the crazy car dealer had replaced atheists with African-Americans and told them to shut up and sit down? There would have been lots of protests and it probably would have gone national.


9 Replies to “Jerk on the Radio”

  1. Hi phillychiefNo, I’ve not been able to get a recording of the ad. I’ve not heard the ad again on the radio. Yeah,the owner of the dealership is a real jerk. Love the podcast.


  2. You are doing the same thing he is…Just because you don’t like what he is saying, doesn’t mean you have to listen, he also is protected by the 1st


  3. Charlie, I think you missed the point. What is ironic is that the advertiser spearheads an American stance, then goes on to suggest a minority group should be marginalized. There’s nothing wrong or anti-1st Amendment with being critical of hypocrisy. After all, Anna didn’t suggest the advertiser should “sit down and shut up.”


  4. He needs to be reminded that in a Republic, as opposed to a Democracy, the minority does not need to sit down and shut up.


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