Eating Someone and Not in a Good Way

What is wrong with Texans these days? You have crazy people killing their children by stoning them, chopping them, and microwaving them. Now you have a crazy man who killed his girlfriend, then called the cops to report both the crime and the fact he was eating her body.

Christopher McCuin called 911 early Saturday morning to report a particularly grisly crime. The Dallas Morning News says he “calmly described murdering his girlfriend and cooking her ear.”

When police arrived at his house in Tyler, Texas, the paper says the 24-year-old tried to hold them off with a kitchen knife but eventually surrendered after a short standoff. When cops entered the residence, the paper says they “found a human ear boiling in a stovetop pan and raw flesh on a nearby plate, with a fork stuck in it.”

Just sickening. And guess who told him to do it?

McCuin claims he was guided by God, investigators tell the Tyler Morning Telegraph. “When he said God told him to do it, one of the investigators looked at him and just said, ‘What did you say?’” says Lt. Larry Wiginton of the sheriff’s department.

A God delusion indeed.


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  1. This isn’t just a TX thing. It’s happening in ID too. God is suddenly telling people to do very weird things:< HREF="" REL="nofollow">Hayden man cuts off, microwaves hand<>


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