Sad Decline of a Once Great Internet Discussion Board

The Internet Infidels Discussion Board (IIDB) has been in decline these last couple of years. IIDB was and is the discussion board of the Secular Web. IIDB was started in the mid-90’s as a pretty free-wheeling discussion board, something between alt.atheism and alt.atheism.moderated. Theists were welcomed to try their best preaching in the Rants, Raves, & Preaching forum. Upper level fora were more heavily moderated, but usually for staying on topic. The discussions could get pretty heated, but were always interesting.

About 2 years ago, I noticed a trend in the board towards more moderation of the “PC” type. This type of moderation usually fell along the lines of “If you can’t be nice, then STFU.” A very bad policy for a board that calls itself “freethinking”. Then there was the policy of letting theists moderate the discussion. So after this atheists who had nowhere to vent about the craziness of religion could not vent in a supposedly “atheist” board. Now I hear that several of the moderators and admins are religious (Buddhists and Pagans) and members are now saying that the moderation is even more biased.

Ebonmuse over at Daylight Atheism has more details in a couple of posts, and most of the long timers over at IIDB have moved over to Rants n Raves.

What’s next for IIDB, fundamentalist Christians running the show? If the Secular Web does not want to have a discussion board anymore, then they should shut it down instead of running a fine board down into the ground.


3 Replies to “Sad Decline of a Once Great Internet Discussion Board”

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