Happy Holidays 2007

Well it’s been a very busy couple of weeks going shopping, visiting neighbors, and making and buying presents for Giftmas. I cooked a large turkey with mashed potatoes, and my special homemade butter made from heavy cream. We are all so full and lazy today.

Here’s the recipe for homemade butter:

  1. Take heavy cream and place in a jar where the jar is between 1/2 and 2/3 full.
  2. Let the jar sit until the temperature rises to around 70 def F. You can also place the jar into a container of room temperature water to speed up warming. But don’t let the cream get too warm. When the temperature is right, you can see the cream clumping at the top. This is the butter starting to separate.
  3. Shake the jar. After about 10 minutes of shaking, the butter will start to clump up into large curds. Keep shaking the jar until the butter completely separates and a thin buttermilk remains.
  4. Strain the butter in a fine mesh strainer and rinse with very cold water.
  5. Remove the butter from the strainer (it will be very soft) and place in a container filled with ice water and ice.
  6. Knead the butter to remove more buttermilk from it. Also the butter will start to stiffen as it gets colder.
  7. Once most of the buttermilk has been removed from the butter, the butter is ready to be pressed to remove the water out of it. Then it is ready for storage in the refrigerator. The butter will keep for a couple of weeks.

This recipe is from my mother and grandmother. My grandmother had a farm where she had dairy cows and churned her own butter. Actually, it was my mother’s chore to churn the butter.