Onward Fundy Soldiers

MRFF has their latest report out. This report covers some of the religious rights attempts at creating a Christian military force within the United States military forces. I’ve covered some of this before in previous posts. It looks like organizations such as Campus Crusade Military Crusade just can’t keep from taking advantage of young vulnerable enlisted and officer folk. See the highlighted text in my previous post for an example of why this is wrong. In that case it was sex being forced upon someone instead of religion.

Anytime a superior military member takes advantage of their rank to intimidate his or her troops, it does the military unit no favors. Whether it is Tupperware, sex, religion, or anything else, it does not matter. It is all wrong. Military members are trained to follow a superior unless the orders are clearly illegal. Most of the times sales or religion are pressured upon someone, it is usually not clear of the illegality of the superior’s actions.

MRFF says that 95% of the complaints that they are getting come from Christians who “aren’t Christian enough” for these fundamentalists. I thought that their religion says that you should not judge another person. I thought that this was one of the very few things the founder of their religion is quoted as saying. But as usual with Christianity, you can cherry pick whatever you want to support your actions.

It looks like Spc Jeremy Hall is back from Iraq and is stationed at Ft. Riley. He has sent some photos of some of the goings on their and they are posted in the report.

But what I find very serious indeed, are the statements by these ministries about creating “government paid missionaries”. WTF? Don’t they have a clue about the first amendment of the US constitution? In an earlier post I covered another evangelizing organization who claimed to also be creating “government paid missionaries”. It seems that they are all working together in this.

But what I find even creepier are the links between the presidential candidate Huckabee, Chuck Norris, Steven Baldwin, and the OSU. I’ve seen Chuck Norris with Huckabee in several press conferences. It looks like the Operation Straight Up (OSU) guys are linked in with these military ministries and the Pentagon. And now with a presidential candidate. It gets even scarier the more you look into this. Add in these folks at Homeland Security; and I’m beginning to think it’s tinfoil hat time; but no this is real.

There is additional information posted at Talk2Action.