As The Compass Points

The latest lunacy by the right-wing nutcases is over The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman. I deliberately went to Walmart to buy the trilogy. Heh Heh Heh. They were selling all three volumes of the series in one book. I received a couple of dirty looks from the woman behind me while I was waiting in the checkout line. I rarely shop at Walmart, but wanted to screw with their statistics as this was the only thing I bought there.

Bill Donahue of the Catholic League is paraphrased by UPI :

The magazine quotes Bill Donohue, the group’s president, as saying the movie is “bait” to lure youths to Pullman’s novels where they will be influenced by the author’s “pernicious atheist agenda.”

What does Donahue think the Catholic Church is engaged in? Don’t they try to get people to join? What about the “pernicious Catholic Agenda” or the “pernicious Christian Agenda”?

I love Pullman’s reply.

“To regard it as this Donohue man has said — that I’m a militant atheist, and my intention is to convert people — how the hell does he know that? Why don’t we trust readers? Why don’t we trust filmgoers?” Pullman said. “Oh, it causes me to shake my head with sorrow that such nitwits could be loose in the world.”

These right-wing Christians must have very little faith in their religion if they think children’s literature has the power to instantly deconvert someone. If you really believe something to be true, why would you be so afraid of little things like a children’s book or a movie? No-one sane goes around constantly affirming that the sun will rise tomorrow; and neither do they run around afraid of literature that says otherwise.

I certainly wouldn’t waste my time trying to convince myself of something I knew was true. For the most part I require evidence before I believe something is true; and once I have accepted evidence for something, I would then require evidence to change my mind. But I would certainly not be afraid of seeing the evidence that would change my mine, I would welcome it. So I really cannot understand the mindset of these overly religious types.


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