Schedule of Events

Jason Torpy keeps a schedule of Atheist events over at Internet Infidels. The calendar is a listing of events and dates for atheists and freethinkers. I used to post over at Internet Infidels under a different pseudonym, but I haven’t been over there in some time. The forums have become too PC for me. When I’m over there, there is the feeling that the moderators are just too heavy handed, and you can’t really offer an opinion sometimes.

I miss the good old days on the IIDB, especially the old Rants, Raves, and Preaching (RRP) forum. I would go there for a much needed laugh. Sometimes I would laugh so hard my sides would hurt. Nowadays, the forums at IIDB are way too tame for me.


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  1. Come check us out at, a debate forum. We are a moderated forum, but I think you’ll agree not heavy handed. We have some very articulate atheists there, as well as a few theists and self-described agnostics.You might enjoy it.


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