Finally Getting to Post

Well I’m finally getting to post here. I’ve only been able to do small changes such as playing around with setting and such. My hubby’s mother, brother and brother’s wife are visiting. They are extremely religious Catholics and don’t know that we really don’t buy into any sort of religion. My brother-in-law and his wife are staying in the room that my computer resides in and they go to bed early. Since I post late, there goes any time to post here.

It’s really funny that over the years they really seem to assume that I’m Christian like them, even to the point of imposing a blessing at mealtimes. Since their heads are bowed, they seem to be completely unaware that me and the hubby are simply looking at each other with knowing grins. They are nice people, but are very limited in their experience with other viewpoints. This, I think, is the reason they seem to be unaware of how presumptuous they are.


One Reply to “Finally Getting to Post”

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