They Just Won’t Stop

More tales of Christian evangelization in the military are detailed today over at truthout and over a DailyKos by Jason Leopold. In this story Military Ministry and Military Missions Network are shown to be actively trying to convert fresh, young, vulnerable recruits into a form of fundamentalist Christianity.

Military Missions network even has a 40 page document on its web page showing their plans. This document is filled with references to Paul, but not very many references to what Jesus teaches. They seem to be Paulists, like many fundamentalists.

Our mission – The mission of the MMN is to ignite a shared vision, to equip kingdom leaders, and to build a global network for the purpose of reaching the world through the military of the world.

This is found on page 28. They seem to think that the military is their own personal army of missionaries. What fucking arrogance.

Our vision – An expanding global network of kingdom-minded movements of evangelism and discipleship reaching the world through the military of the world.

Found on page 29. Again with the idea that US military forces are their own personal army of missionaries. Never mind that the people in the military come from very diverse cultural and religious backgrounds.

Why is it important to intentionally connect with others doing strategic missions through and ministry to the military? First, all Christians should be concerned for the health, well being and propagation of the body of Christ worldwide. Second, Christians are required to partner in the matter of winning, discipling, and caring for those within the military lifestyle and culture. After all, the body of Christ is worldwide and the military is worldwide. Partnership is a required necessity! The question is, will we do this well, in an intentional and strategic way, or will we do this haphazardly and poorly? When it comes to military missions and ministry, missional churches intentionally connect with others both locally and globally in order to be more effective in fulfilling the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Throughout the document, there seems to be an emphasis on selling Christianity as some sort of product and where you need to get more customers. Why do fundamentalists try to apply marketing techniques to a person’s most deeply held beliefs? I’ve run into several evangelists who seem to think that changing one’s belief is like switching a brand of soda or something.

At the end of section 5 there is a list that Christians should believe. Wow, the arrogance in the expectation that people should all conform to the same set of identical beliefs. And throughout the document, there seems to be an attitude that everyone will simply just convert. Holy shit, again, what arrogance.

They seem to think that someone who does not believe as they do will simply stop any say “Gee, Mr Christian, I’ve never heard Jesus advertised like this before. Wow, a new and improved Jesus, I’ll simply get on board and be apart of this happening scene.” What idiots.

And in the document, they don’t seem to have any advice for would-be Jesus salespeople who will end up running into someone who is not convinced by their advertising campaign. This is especially worrisome when someone is being proselytized by their military superior. Especially when the missionary won’t take “No” for an answer.

Upon further reflection, I find the thought of an official military presence for spreading Christianity very disturbing. Didn’t this happen in the 12th century, and don’t we call those military folk “crusaders”?


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