The Stupidity, Oh It Burns

I had a very interesting day at work this past week. I get a call from someone in computer support. They needed to inventory all of the equipment in my office. I have several computers, a hub, a printer, etc. I tell the woman, “Sure, come on down and we can get this done.”

She arrives a short time later and says that she needs to get the serial numbers of every piece of equipment, including the removable hard drives in the computers. I hand her the key to the disk drive for the SGI at my desk, expecting her to hit the shutdown button to power the machine down. To my dismay, she quickly turns the key and PULLS OUT THE HARD DRIVE WHILE THE COMPUTER IS RUNNING.

I stare absolutely speechless for several seconds, and then I see her heading for the next computer. “Wait one minute” I say and turn off all of the electronic equipment in the room. Luckily, the drive was not harmed.

But amazing as this was I could not believe what I saw earlier when I was getting ready for work the same day. I had just exited the shower when I heard my husband call out to hurry and see what was on the television. The new host on The View did not know if the earth was a sphere or flat.

And later that same day, a co-worker relayed a story about some of the people attending a company “teamworking” class. The class was divided up into teams and the teams were to workout what they would need if they were stranded on the moon. One guy said that he thought they would need weapons in case “aliens” tried to get them. My friend told the guy that there was no life that we knew of on the moon. This person asked how he knew there was no life on the moon. My friend replied that exploration during the Apollo missions showed that the moon was lifeless. “We went to the moon?” the guy asked.

WTF? How could someone educated in the United States be unaware of the shape of the earth or that we had sent people to the moon? I fear for our nation.


4 Replies to “The Stupidity, Oh It Burns”

  1. And just today, there was an account of a woman in a ferris wheel who fell out and was severely injured. When the ferris wheel was stopped when she was at the top, she stood up to wave to some friends. This unbalanced the seat, tipping it over, and spilling her over the side. I know that occasionally I do something stupid, but not to that extent.


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