Weinstein on FFRF Podcast

The latest podcast over at FFRF features Mikey Weinstein from the Military Religious Freedom Foundation discussing the latest problems the evangelicals are causing in the nation’s military. Some of these stories are absolutely horrifying. He tells of soldiers who are nonbelievers being sent out on the most hazardous of duties, while the Christians sit back in their tents all smug and self-righteous. I guess this shows that selfishness and the fear of death is the motivation for these Christians.

Others who are deemed to be “not Christian enough” for their fundamentalist commanding officers are treated like shit. An example concerns a new army recruit (a Christian) who simply wanted “Christian” on his dog tags. The person at the the in processing center wanted him to put “Four-Square Pentecostal” on his dog tags. The new recruit refused and his dog tag ended up with “None”. When he arrived at his unit in Iraq, his commanding officer saw the “None” on his dog tags and made him spend two weeks in the latrine picking up pubic hairs with a pair of tweezers. I wonder how bad it is for open nonbelievers in that particular unit. What a nightmare.

Another story concerned a unit where the commander stated openly that if there was one member who did not join his fundy church, then all members in the unit would not receive”God’s Blessing”. What a terrible thing to say. That any misfortune that befell the unit would be caused by anyone not going along with the commander. I guess this commander thinks that the god he believes in cannot tell if someone is faking belief. Obviously, the commander is someone stupid enough to fall for Pascal’s Wager and expects others to be just as stupid.

What a group of self-righteous, moralizing, judgmental hypocrites these “born-again” commanders are. How can they possibly expect people to want to voluntarily join their religion? Do they think that their god wouldn’t notice that some members have been coerced into joining? Of course there is no god to notice, they are simply using religion as a means of forcing compliance with their actions.

I know that if someone treated me like shit, I would definitely not have anything to do with them. Or perhaps go undercover and find out what they are up to and leak out information; after all, payback is a bitch.

Interestingly enough, Mikey Weinstein also stated that he and others over at his organization also think that Blackwater employees may have been in the area where Pat Tillman was shot. And Blackwater is known to have employed people who have been linked to right-wing death squads in Central America in the 80s and 90s. I share this opinion and have stated this in a previous post.


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