Interesting Labor Day Weekend

Wow, what a weekend. First we had thunderstorms, then a tornado similar to the one on the left. This was followed by large down drafts causing dust storms and a power outage. The electric was out from Saturday until late Monday. What a pain, especially since temperatures reached 110 degrees in the sun for the last three or four days.

It was really exciting seeing the tornado. It lasted about 5 minutes and was tall and straight, and partially transparent. I love watching the shows on satellite showing tornadoes, and this one was spectacular and was about two miles from our house. Too bad I did not think to grab a camera or video.

Then we had an hour of violent dust storms, the visibility was down to zero. The micro bursts were so bad, several power lines leading to our neighborhood snapped like match sticks.


2 Replies to “Interesting Labor Day Weekend”

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