Pervert Alert: His Own Private Idaho

Sen. Larry “Woody” Craig (R-Idaho) was arrested in a public restroom for soliciting sex from an undercover police officer. According to MSNBC, Sen. Craig was arrested in June, pled guilty, and paid a fine for lewd behavior in a public restroom. What is it about conservative Republicans and public restrooms? I guess the dirtier and kinkier and more public the sex is, the better they like it.

Over at DailyKos, the thread has a lot of hilarious comments. Family values, my ass. What about his wife and children?

Oh, and over at Idaho Values Alliance, check out the bonus bytes section:

One of the tragic characteristics of the homosexual lifestyle is its emphasis on anonymous sex and multiple sexual partners. It is a little-acknowledged secret that many active homosexuals will have more than 1,000 sex partners over the course of a lifetime (the average among heterosexuals is seven – still six more than we were designed for). This sordid fact of homosexual life surfaced yesterday in an AP article yesterday that reports on the number of arrests police have made for indecent exposure and public sex acts in the restrooms at Atlanta’s airport, the busiest in the world. The increased restroom patrols, begun to apprehend luggage thieves, instead uncovered a rash of sex crimes. Airport restrooms have become so popular that men looking for anonymous sexual trysts with other men have advertised their airport availability on Craigslist. One such ad was from a man saying he was stuck at the airport for three hours and was looking for “discreet, quick action.” (AP: Arrests Up in Atlanta Airport Restrooms)

Hahahahahahahahahahaha. What irony.


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