Suicide by Armageddon

Earlier I discussed the superstitious behaviors of some fundamentalist Christians. I showed that some fundamentalist sects such as the Assemblies of God type Pentecostals engaged in such behavior as anointing in oil and cursing enemies (imprecatory prayer). You know, the only difference between them and a witch doctor is the voodoo dolls. They have voodoo crosses after all.

how these young people wrote down on small pieces of paper the names of “non-Christian students” at the school and nailed them to a cross they brought to accompany the prayer service.

But I really think that they are trying to work a really big spell, one which is trying to get Jesus to come back. Think of Buffy and the Master from the first year of Buffy. All of the meddling in the Middle East is designed to accomplish this goal. What else could explain the incredibly stupid decisions made in this region?

Check out this article and video by Max Blumenthal for an example. All of these people are using Israel and the Jews, and war with Iran, as ingredients in their spell to bring back Jesus. And with Jesus comes Armageddon and death (or exit to heaven for these guys). And like any crazy mass murderer they don’t care how many they take with them when they go.

Okay, perhaps that was a little over the top. But hey, this subject almost always gets a rant out of me. Pentecostal like “God Warriors” like Margaret Perrin scare the shit out of me with their irrational behavior.