Getting Away with Murder?

It looks like the Army really won’t be investigating Corporal Pat Tillman’s death after all according to an article over at truthout. Several high ranking officers will be “mildly censured”.

Official reprimands issued to three high-ranking Army officers are only mildly critical of their mistakes after the friendly fire death of Pat Tillman and at times praise the officers.

The Army also said it would not include the reprimands in the officers’ military records, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press.

What a crock of shit.

Some of the details that emerged after Tillman’s death included that he was close enough to see the men shooting at him when he was killed; his uniform was burned after his death; medical examiners’ suspicions about the bullet holes in his head were ignored; and comrades were also ordered not to discuss his death.

Even though Pat Tillman was well liked and well regarded in his unit, all it takes is one nutcase to have it in for him. Tillman was openly a non-believer and all it would take to silence him was one religious zealot.

I have a personal experience of this type of situation. I’ve always been fairly open about being a non-believer. Several years ago, a co-worker threatened me by saying he wanted to shoot me in the head because I’m not religious. He did this in front of other co-workers. The presence of witnesses did not stop him from making threats. But I knew that he was a coward, all talk and no action.

I walked right up to his face, looked him straight in the eye and replied in my best southern drawl “Well my Daddy taught me to shoot when I was five. Honey, I’d just love for you to show up at my front door.” Talk about backing down fast. But I was always careful never to be alone with this freak. It only takes one time for someone like this to actually take action.

Management transferred the guy. They would have fired him, but I said no, transfer him. It wasn’t his wife and kids fault he was an idiot. But the threat was on his files and I did not want to have to always keep watching my back. He was transferred out of town and good riddance.