Pervert Alert: A Bird in the Mouth is Better Than 2 in the Bush

What is it about Republican anti-gay crusaders and blow jobs? It looks like this is a new fad for Republicans this year. Glenn Murphy, the chairman of the Young Republican National Federation, tried waking up a friend by giving his dick a tongue bath. Heh Heh Heh. Here’s the police report. Another chickenhawk goes down.

I wonder how many at the convention are in denial and in the closet?

Update: I watched the video again. What a bunch of wussies. They sure want to go to war, but want others to do their dying for them. I have asthma, bad knees, flat feet, serious allergies, was under the minimum height and weight, a serious heart murmur, and still managed to join the Air Force. What a bunch of pathetic, cowardly pussies. All mouth (as we see in the news lately), but no action.


One Reply to “Pervert Alert: A Bird in the Mouth is Better Than 2 in the Bush”

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