Sheltered Home Schooled Person Meets the US Air Force

I’ve been doing a series of posts on obnoxious religious activity in the military. I did not encounter very much obnoxious behavior directed at myself. Perhaps this was because I was an officer. I did not go to any of the academies nor the ROTC, but entered the Air Force through the Officer Training School (OTS).

At one of my assignments, I managed a small group of computer programmers consisting of junior officers, enlisted and civilian workers. One day we had a new recruit (airman) assigned to the unit. He was supposed to be a programmer but did not seem to know much about computers. I assigned my sergeant to get him familiar with his assignments.

After a week or so, I asked her how it was going. She replied that he told her he had a degree in computer science, but she did not think he was being very truthful. We looked up his college and found that it was some sort of unaccredited bible college. That explained why he was enlisted rather than in the officer corps. It also explained why he new little about computer programming.

She also explained that he was having trouble fitting in the unit. He seemed unable to keep from pissing off everyone who tried to work with him. He never listened to anyone, especially if he did not think they were “Christian” enough for him. Well, it was summer and time for volunteers for “seeds and weeds” details. He was frequently volunteered by my sergeant as she felt he was more productive not working on the software.

Well some months passed. I came into work one morning and my sergeant was cracking up laughing and I asked what the joke was. She explained that our new recruit was found enjoying taking a shower a little too much in the dorms. He was exposing himself with a hard-on and openly masturbating in the shower. She said that he really could not deny it as “The only thing he was wearing was his hand.” We had a good laugh over that one and I told one of my male enlisted guys to explain to the new recruit that that type of behavior was unacceptable.

Well a couple of months after this, my sergeant told me of another incident. The new recruit had hurt himself, sprained his ankle or something. Instead of going to an emergency clinic or the emergency room, he calls her up and asks what to do. Mind you, this recruit was not in his teens, rather he was in his late 20’s. We speculated that he was probably home schooled, and had lived an overly sheltered life.

I don’t know what it was about the mid-west, but there was another funny story about this base. Apparently the base had a flasher. He was in uniform and flashed a senior officer’s wife in the library of all places. The joke was that even though he was wearing his uniform, the woman was staring at his equipment too much to get the name on the name tag.

Also my neighbors had a police radio and told of an incident where someone was flashing people in the VFW parking lot. A police officer asked “Could you give me a description on that?” All of the cops and the dispatcher listening in started laughing and cracking jokes. What is it about the mid-west?


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