Christian Embassy in the Pentagon for 25 Years

According to the report detailed in my previous post, Christian Embassy has been in the Pentagon for 25 years or more. This was just before I started in the Air Force. I was never approached while I was in the Air Force at all. Perhaps this was because I was fairly open about being a non-believer and maybe these Christians thought I was a lost cause. But I was stationed at Peterson AFB and at the Cheyenne Mountain Complex under Gen Herres, who is on the board of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. I never encountered any problems of a religious nature at all.

But I did hear rumors about some things that happened during the 1970’s. Apparently the right-wing Christians tried to get people in at the bottom. By bottom, I mean junior officers. It seems that for some of these guys, the enlisted personnel were usually ignored. Apparently some officers in the silos were saying things such as “God was more important than their orders” and “Would do what he felt God wanted him to do”.

WTF? What God wanted? These are supposed to be hand-picked officers who are supposed to be trained to follow orders, not try to figure out What God Wants. They have partial control of weapons that could kill millions, perhaps billions. I also heard at that time that once this was discovered, these officers were quietly removed and replaced with more level headed officers.

These are just rumors I heard form some of the senior enlisted persons who I worked with, but these rumors sound true. If so, the right-wing Christians determined that working from the bottom up like they do with school boards and local government was not the way to approach the military. They failed with that approach. They apparently started working on the top level commanders and have had more success working their way down the chain of command. You get some flavor of this in the official report.


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  1. Hi Anna. Sorry to leave this message in a post – I couldn’t see an email link anywhere. Just wanted to say thanks for the link to HeathenTV, and to let you know that I’ve added Underground Unbeliever to my links page.


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