More Military Evangelization In The News

Bruce Wilson over at Talk To Action, is covering the actions of the evangelists in the military. He discusses the efforts of Mikey Weinstein over at the Military Religious Freedom Foundation. Also the topic has been discussed on DailyKos. They focus on the top down infiltration of the military of fundamentalist Christian religious and political ideology. Some scary shit.

The military has really changed since I left about a decade ago. But I don’t think that all hope is lost. I’ve seen statistics that show that the number of people identifing themselves as non-believers in the military has reached a new high of around 20%. That is twice what it is in the general population. I think the evangelization efforts may be backfiring or else polarizing the military. Subversion is subversion, and its effects are interfering with the functioning of the military. These officers who claim to want to take over and use the military to enforce their personal opinions should be called what they are, subversives. If they actively call to use the military to take over the country, the they should be identified for the traitors they are. And they should be charged with sedition.

Without total support the lower ranking officers and the enlisted folks, any effort towards a military coup will not succeed. But an attempted coup will cause much damage to the military. There are many in the military, religious and non-religious, who take their oath to support the constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic very seriously. They may not say anything now because there are no actions towards a coup yet. But if something were to threaten their liberty, they will act.

But in the unlikely event that a coup does happen, then this could lead to a civil war in this country. No matter how much they think they control the country, the evangelical Christian population is only estimated to be about 20%. And every scandal and failure of the current administration erodes their support.

When I was in the Air Force, as a junior officer I saw these types of religious people in action. They were very sure of themselves, perhaps overly so. I led a small office of people who knew that even though I was a non-believer, I was a good person. I thought it very ironic that the enlisted folk both within my unit and outside my unit would talk to me before they would talk to their own supervisors who were religious, sometimes even before they would talk to a chaplain. But if necessary I would refer them to a chaplain of their choice if I felt it would help the person.

The officers in the Christian Embassy are arrogant and condescending. These officers show that they believe they are above the rules by appearing in uniform and endorsing the organization. And by saying that they put God above all else, they are not holding to the oath they swore as military officers to uphold and defend the constitution. They should resign from the military and join the ministry if that is truly how they feel. Otherwise they are liars and hypocrites.

A few months ago that would have been an unfounded assertion on my part, but since then I’ve been working as part of a team effort, under the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, to amass evidence to support that claim. I can’t divulge specifics right now, but yesterday I wrote, in general terms, of what I have helped uncover, for MRFF, on the spread of Christian nationalist events, improperly endorsed by the US military, across the nation. Material from that research will be emerging over the course of the next few weeks and months.

But perhaps the problem is much worse than I think, or remember.


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