This Has To Be Satire

Over at the Friendly Atheist, Hemant speculates that Baptists for Brownback 2008 is a satire site. It has to be, otherwise the alternative is simply just too frightening.

Today, in an America filled with adulterers and baby-killers, an even worse sinner casts a shadow over them all—the atheist. Yet atheists are difficult to spot. They hide their sinister cult behind masks of smiles, science and soft, pleasant voices. Your next door neighbor might be an atheist. You just can’t tell.

Imagine if it was simple to identify atheists and their tainted works. Would it not be grand? Think how much easier it would be to protect your children’s eyes, ears and souls from atheistic influences if their websites, books, movies and yes, even their very clothes, were clearly labeled with a bright scarlet “A”.

What do you think?

I tell myself that this simply has to be satire. Look at the links on the side of the page. I spent the next half-hour laughing my ass off over the comments to the article. Here are a few:

I cannot seem to post a simple thought here without persecution raining down upon me. Why is it that atheists are so full of hate? Just what is so wrong with my suggestion for an atheist “A”? Is the color scarlet the problem? Or the font? They can be changed. I’m not inflexible.
– Pastor Tobin Maker

I wear a cross on my necklace, one on my bracelet, a WWJD rubber bracelet-thing, and a ring that contains a sliver of the true cross. I make my allegiance clear. I walk the Righteous path. You know your children are safe with me. Now, what of the atheist? We can’t know can we? All we want to know is that is we let our children talk to the man with the ‘A’ on his shirt, that he’s likely to offer them meth or try to sodomize them. Is it so wrong for a parent to want to know this.

Those atheists are too deceitful to wear an A on their garments – I think it would have to be tattooed on their foreheads.
Enola Tibbets

This is a Godly idea Pastor Maker. To long has the atheist menace been allowed to spread its poison undetected in America. Just look at what has happened; price of oil up, the War of Terror faltering, bridge collapses in Minnesota, we can be sure an atheist was involved in each and ever one of these problems. Why the list possible atheists crimes have done to our society is endless. We need to know who they are and what they are up to now! We need them to were these “A”s and also were GPS tracking collars so we can get a handle on the menace the present to America.
BJ Tabor

Personally, I think Atheists should have the letter “A” BRANDED into their foreheads. That way they can have a small taste of the burning that they will surely feel when they meet their end and arrive in HELL!
Pasquinade’s Princess

Religious zealots could do humanity the same favor by wearing large flaming sacks of feces on their heads.

Now just branding all atheists with an “A” is just the tough love they need. The shock of a third degree burn to their head will get there attention an make them wake up to the fact they have a problem. After all the first step in solving a problem is admitting you have one.
BJ Tabor

You atheists are making me roll over in my grave! If it was up to me, you atheists would all be taken out back and whipped with a garden hose like that purple teletubby! It is eternally refreshing to read the most wondrous thoughts of Rev. Maker from up here. I would have commented sooner but we only have dial-up. God bless you true believers and keep up the good work, fight the good fight, and keep the faith as you wage the most holiest of wars against the atheists. I would like to add though that my friend Jimmy Swaggart was an adulterer so we may want to cut them some slack.
Jerry Fallwell’s Ghost

I love the names of the posters. And check out some of the other posts. They seem to be similar to Landover Baptist.


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