Nazi Chaplains: Just Say Nay?

In a previous post I discussed the army chaplain, Capt. Nay. I was flabbergasted at his lack of judgment. In fact I was so taken aback, I needed to take some time to put a really proper response to his outrageous actions of setting up an alleged neo-Nazi display at an officer’s club of all places.

In the military, one does not have completely free speech. It is easy to see why. The military follows a strict chain of command, it is not an armed mob. As it has been said, “The military is here to preserve democracy, not practice it“. One voluntarily gives up a portion of one’s constitutional rights upon joining the military. Capt Nay is not free to spout his racist, antisemitic garbage. Especially on a military base in an officer’s club. By doing so, he undermines command authority. Subordinates who see these actions taken by a superior officer would lose their trust in the authority of such an officer. In particular, those subordinates that are the subjects of his bigotry would loose any respect for such an officer. As an officer, he should know this. And as a chaplain, he should know that his job is to minister to all military members, not just the ones he approves of.

As a former Air Force officer, I’m dismayed by the actions of this chaplain and his superiors. One would think that the first action they would take would be to conduct an investigation and then remove him from his capacity as a chaplain if the investigation warrants it. Apparently from the article from truthout, the Army investigated him and found that the allegations against Nay were true. Chaplains are officers first and ministers second. Like all military members, they take an oath to uphold the constitution. Chaplains are also charged with providing for the spiritual needs of all military members, not only those they agree with theologically. If he is not willing to do so, then he should be discharged.

By displaying Nazi paraphernalia in such a manner and not discouraging the resulting anti-Semitic remarks, he has displayed his utter unfitness to be either a chaplain or any other type of military officer. What junior officer or enlisted person would trust this person or the chaplaincy chain of command for allowing such behavior?

It appears that Capt. Nay is not cut out to be a military chaplain. He should be discharged and perhaps he can be a minister in some church, perhaps a Christian Identity type of church. There he can find like minded individuals who can fully appreciate his racism and antisemitism.

I was contacted by Chaplain Nay. Here is our conversation. He seems to be a believer in many conspiracy theories.