Sanctimonious Bastards

This story really pisses me off to no end, Doctors’ beliefs hinder patient care. As a woman, I really object to the substandard care that is offered to woman, especially in reproductive health. These doctors seem to think that they are best qualified to make the most personal decisions over a woman’s reproductive choices.

But Boyer remained haunted by the ER doctor’s refusal — so profoundly, she hasn’t been to see a gynecologist in the two and a half years since. “I haven’t gotten the nerve up to go, for fear of being judged again,” she says.

How dare this prick of a doctor set himself as judge of someone. Has he ever been in her shoes? Of course not. What a double standard here. Men’s choices don’t seem to be a problem to these assholes. A man can get a vasectomy or condoms or Viagra and I don’t see anyone stopping them. But a simple prescription for the pill or a morning after drug seems to let some doctors start playing god.

Perhaps NOW or some woman’s organization needs to start protesting when cases like this happen. I would be happy to grab a sign such as This Hospital Discriminates Against Women, No Double Standard for Reproductive Care, or Stop Playing God with Women’s Health Care, etc, and stand outside of a medical clinic or hospital.